Diego & Emannuela Cesareo, Italy

Imagine flying in a DrukAir, high above the mountains and heading straight for the colossal peaks Himalayas. Picture yourself in the midst of snow-capped mountains, standing before a glittering shrine and breathing in the holy air.

Diego & Emannuela Cesareo, Italy

Just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for organizing such a wonderful trip! Everything was just perfect from hotels, to transport ,to tours & tour guides. All was just perfectly planned and up to expectations!

Bhutan was beautiful, fascinating and culturally rich and exciting – much more than ever imagined. 

Diego & Emannuela Cesareo, Italy

In addition the personal service and support that Mrs. Tirtha Gurung, CEO of A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travel provided and the two friendly, safe and courteous drivers and our informative guide Mr. Kunzang  Tobgay, made us feel so welcomed and secure. You were very patient, very flexible but above all you really know how to anticipate and exceed your guests’ needs. I can’t thank you enough. I shall be recommending you to all my work colleagues and friends and if you ever want me to give a personal recommendation to anyone else, please feel free to pass my details to them.

Mr. Kunzang  Tobgay

From the hotel pick up to the entire tours everything was great. I highly recommend this once in a lifetime experience.

Diego & Emannuela Cesareo, Italy
Mr. Kunzang  Tobgay, Guide

We were treated to five star service, but felt like we got to experience the local culture all at the same time. It was a divine cultural experience. We had too much we wanted to do, and Mr. Kunzang  Tobgay, our tour guide helped us do it without being rushed.

Mr. Kunzang  Tobgay

Thank you so much A Way to Bhutan Tours & Travel for your great itinerary.

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