Chorten Kora | Stupa at Trashi Yangtse

Trashiyangtse’s most iconic place is Chorten Kora which is a replica of the Bodnath temple of Nepal. It stands and protective beside the swift-flowing Kholung river in Trashiyangtse.

The historic temple has a lot of significance in the life of yangtsipas’ (people of yangtse). The Chorten was first built by Lm Ngawang lodray in 18th century, who was the then chief of Rigsum goenpa (the abode of the monastery)

The Chorten was built beside the river, particularly in a place where it was believed to be inhabited by demons and demoness. The evil spirits would constantly harm both life and property. Therefore, in the appeal of yangtsipas, in order to subdue these evil forces, the stupa which stands today was built because of which Yangtse came under the protection of Drukpa or the Buddhist rule.

Trashiyangtse’s most iconic place is Chorten Kora which is a replica of the Bodnath temple of Nepal.

As Lam Ngawang Lodray was the then nephew of the great Zhabdrung, it was originally believed that the sole person who subdued the demoness was Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel.


Going back to the architectural design, the chorten is said to be modeled after the famous Bodhanath temple in Nepal, which is a Nepalese style temple. In order to bring the same design into construction, a group of yangtsipa along with Lam Ngawang lodray went to Nepal and brought the model in radish, however, some historical sources have it that, they brought the model in fine wood design.

The stupa which stands today has garnered lots of love from visitors, not only from home but also from across the world. The stupa is symbolic of Buddhist ways of life in its many facet and aspects, without a doubt  it is one of the sacred places in eastern Bhutan.

It is to be noted that, there are many stories that revolves round the chorten, among many the first one is about a young Dakini, aged 8, who is believed to be from the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, who is believed to be entombed in that chorten as per her will, as also the prophecy dictated. You can read the story from the link provided below.

Also, there is this belief that many wild Gorals come and visit the place (around the chorten) occasionally and it is still mysterious as to why they do, even upon seeing people they are fearless and dauntless, grazing peacefully and leaving after some time. The locals believe that these gorals have some spiritual connection to the chorten.

Chorten Kora | Stupa at Trashi Yangtse
Chorten Kora | Stupa at Trashi Yangtse

Akin to these two stories, there are still many stories that are uncovered, unshared, unheard, and untold, you will be amazed to see people of Yangtse narrating you the most fascinating and best stories. You will hear myriads of stories pertaining to the chorten, however, to get to your own finding and conclusion, it is best you visit chorten kora and the people around.

The road to eastern Bhutan is bumpy, the hills are rugged too. What do you expect as a tourist or a traveler?

You will experience once in a lifetime reward by traveling to eastern Bhutan, one will be rewarded with some of the unexplored stupas and monasteries. You will also be amazed to see the fascinating village and towns untouched by the wave of tourism and modernity. The architectural buildings, dzongs, temples, and amazing embroidery are inevitable in eastern Bhutan, besides the holy and the historic Chorten kora.

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