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It is more than a notion, universally accepted that any mark of excellence is not free of hi-tech assistance, and that is saying very little in this age of radical technology. Similarly, it is strongly backed by many that ‘a place of external beauty flawlessly combined with equally well-preserved and uninfluenced cultural values does not exist in these times of modernity and absolute globalization.’ Well, hold that thought while we burst that little bubble in your head and Welcome you to Bhutan. Preserved under a self-imposed isolation policy way until the 1960s, this small landlocked Himalayan nation closely flanked by two big nations of China and India was unknown to the world at large until the Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck opened its doors to the world in 1961.

The ensuing perks have however been very rewarding as the country has held intact and groomed with dogged zest its culture, traditions and all the unique aspects that has earned itself the moniker – The Last Shangri-La, Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon, Land Of Medicinal Herbs and ‘The Land Of Gross National Happiness’ to bring things up to speed with the times.The country opening up to tourism during the early 1970s has highly complemented its objective to showcase its culture to the world and usher in modern developments.

Tirtha Gurung, CEO, A Way to Bhutan Tours and Travel
Tirtha Gurung, CEO, A Way to Bhutan Tours and Travel

It is highly essential to provide quality visitor experiences if Bhutan is to maintain its place on the hot seat as a hotspot destination for tourism (which it has been designated as by many renowned journals and magazines). Engage in hikes, treks and cultural tours that We have carefully designed as part of your tour itineraries to bring you closer to the people, culture and natural beauty of Bhutan. In that, we have left ample time for you to enjoy your stay. Under differently packaged tour itineraries you will be traveling from place to place to have a unique and specific experience based on your choice of what you would like to do, where you want to go.


In place of a dedicated concierge for this, “Once in a lifetime experience”, we have a pre-travel advisor available. The advisor can work with you to determine your best options for excursions, transportation to and from the experience destination, and other information to make your planning easier.

Not only do we plan out all trip logistics, we also personally conduct pre-trip consultation with each tourist to prepare for their unique learning adventure and discoveries. We want everyone to have the, enjoyable and life–changing experiences in this diverse and beautiful country in the company of these most friendly, and kind people.

With our vast trip experiences, and local knowledge, we deliver a rare access to people, cultural sights, and less-frequented places that is unparallel. Our hikes and treks are customized and well researched to suit each individual. Much detailed interpretation and cultural exchanges with the local people set this company apart.

Your Travel Advisor for Bhutan

Mrs. Tirtha Gurung, CEO
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Email: info@waytobhutan.com

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