Bumthang Cultural Trek

Difficulty: Easy
Max Elevation: 3,360 m
Min Elevation: 1,200 m
Best season: January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December
Duration: 3 days

The three days short trek that will lead you through one of the most fascinating and sacred valleys of Bumthang. The three days short trek passes through several villages and farmland, bringing you in close contact with the Bhutanese rural life and the unique culture. The trail also leads you to series of pleasant meadows and verdant mixed forest of blue pine, birch, sycamore and dwarf bamboo.

The culture of Bhutan is not only bred from the rivers or in the ancient temples, but it also derives from the primitive Bhutanese life-styles. Bumthang Culture Trek also brings you to a large number of small local villages to experience the life which the locals have lived for centuries.

Start: Toktu Zampa (2,620 m)
Finish: Ngang Lhakhang (2,800 m)
Distance: 12 km
Time: 4-5 hours
Ascent: 170 m
Camp Altitude: 2,800 m

Day 1: The route follows the Chhugor Chu, a river famous for trout and stops at Thangbi Lhakhang for lunch. Then the trail enters the Ngang Yul (Land of the Swan). According to one of Bhutan legends, the valley once had been occupied by flocks of swans, so the name of Ngang Yul is still in use today.

The campsite is just near the Ngang Lhakhang, the Swan Temple in the center of this area. Camping at Ngang Lhakhang

Start: Ngang Lhakhang (2,800 m)
Finish: Tahung (2,920 m)
Distance: 16 km
Time: 6 hours
Ascent: Ascent: 750 m, descent: 670 m
Camp Altitude: 2,720 m

Day 2: The trek formally embarks on at Draphe Dzong, the ruin of strategic fort in the past years. Cease your moving steps and take a worthy exploration. The trail begins to ascend to a dense birch, sycamore and tall bamboo covered forest after crossing the verdant meadows and dwarf bamboos.

The route continues to go uphill till reaches a rock cairn and a small stone shrine not far from the only challenging ascent to Phephe La (3,360 m). Prayer flags fly up in the air to the highest site, accompanied by lush birch and fir trees on the forested ridge.

The downhill trail guides you to pass through a ploughed field into a broad valley after you have arrived at broad yak pastures. Amongst several possible camping sites, the most popular one locates uphill behind the village of Tahung. Camping behind the village of Tahung

Ogyen Choling Heritage House
Ogyen Choling Heritage House PC MarkusWild

Start: Tahung (2,920 m)
Finish: Mesithang (2,600 m)
Distance: 16 km
Time: 4-5 hours
Ascent: descent 230 m

Day 3: During the trek of this day, the trail makes a south swerve and follows the Tang Chhu another Trout-filled river to reach Tang Rimochen Lhakhang. It will soon lead you to Tang Ogyencholing after you have passed the Mebar Tsho (The Burning Lake).

Ogyen Choling Heritage House – Tripadvisor Review

Ogyencholing is an eminent palace that only collects the privately owned museum in Bhutan. Pacing in the palace, you can find a great number of traditional artifacts on display.